ChristmasBash Terms and Conditions

Definition and Related Terms.

We and Us and Our

In each case this refers to Christmasbash.ie

You and Your and Yourself

In each case this refers to You as the client and to all persons involved in the booking made with Us who has requested a quote and has agreed to Our Terms and Conditions.

In Writing

In writing means by Facsimile, Letter or Email. We undertake no liability if We do not receive a communication.


Any communication whatsoever made by email (including cancellations and changes) will only be deemed to have been received and accepted by Us once You have received a return e-mail from Christmasbash.ie confirming your actions.


Means and includes all bookings created on behalf of a client by         Us, including but not exclusively hotels, transport, activities, clubs, restaurants, performers (and references to events can mean Exclusive Events or Ticketed Events). Including those booking done through telephone acknowledged by Us, without having signed the reservation form.

The Venue

Meaning the place of any third party booking made on behalf of the client by Us, including restaurants, clubs, activities, hotels and transport.


Extras include anything, which is not included in the event as listed by Us at the time of booking. These include (but not exclusively) food, drink, transport, and tools used.

Exclusive Events

Are events that We design and organize specifically for You (which will involve third party booking(s) of Venue(s) which We will make on Your behalf)

Ticketed Events

Ticketed Events are pre-designed events where We purchase tickets and make bookings on Your behalf.

Paragraph Headings

Are included for convenience only and do not affect the understanding of these terms and conditions.


All quotes sent by Us are useable for seven (7) days only. Prices and packages are subject to change varying on availability for the weekend and any reduction in-group sizes.




No booking is valid until We send You validation of the booking

All bookings are acknowledged and validated by Us strictly on the understanding that  no reduction or allowance will be made if lesser persons than stated on the booking actually joined the event, and the full amount payment stated by Us at the time of the booking will in any event be due.  If You request that more people are added after the registration was accepted by Us, this will precisely be subject to our agreement and, if agreed, to additional deposit being paid.

A reservation can be made over the phone using a credit card, if You book over  the telephone this automatically agrees You to Our terms and conditions.  The group leader (the person making the booking) is held accountable for the rest of the group and their actions.  It is the group leaders job to collect all dues from the rest of the group.  The group leader must make the rest of the group aware of all terms and condition that the group must abide by.

Unless you inform us to the contrary we will undertake that every member is over the age of 21 years. Unless you contact Us in writing within 24 hours of receiving written acceptance, you will be considered to have agreed to the contract terms. The terms and conditions and general information constitute the entire contract between You and Our company. It must be understood that those booking via telephone or e-mail accept our booking terms and conditions.

We will endeavor to provide facts of the events before any deposit is paid, start and finish times, exact locations and transport details will only be fixed after receipt of the deposit as required.


Deposits and Payments

Before We confirm a booking, We require payment of a non-refundable deposit of an amount specified at the time of booking (minimum of €20 per person). If the deposit payment is not received within 7 days of request, Your proposed booking will be invalid unless otherwise agreed by Us in writing. If you book an event within 56 days of the date of the tour, the full cost of the tour is immediately payable. All card payments will carry a 3% processing fee & all other credit cards will be subject to a 2.5% surcharge. All debit card transaction will be subject to a 1.5% surcharge.

Under all circumstances; all deposits, part payments, full payments, installments, treatments, theatre or show tickets, management charges, service fees, transfers are non-refundable and non transferable.

By placing this payment you confirm the accuracy of all information stipulated and accept these terms and conditions on behalf of Yourselves and anyone else in your party. The agreement between Yourself and Us only comes into existence once your booking has been formally accepted in writing by Us.

Bookings where each guest chooses to pay separately will not have their booking secured until payment is received for all guests.  Unpaid spaces will be cancelled from the booking if payment is not received within a fixed time frame set by Us in writing.  We will not be responsible for bookings cancelled by the venue due to lapsed payment deadlines.

The booking prices which We charge for Exclusive Events are calculated on minimum numbers as agreed for the duration of booking, and so we really do not make any refund if the actual number being present at the event is less than the agreed minimum. For Ticketed Events, if the present number for the event is up to 15% lesser than the agreed minimum number, then subject to the cancellation policy stated in this terms and condition, we will refund the price (less the deposit) in regard of the reduction in the number; if the decrease in numbers is more than 15%, we are going to charge in full for 85% and make a refund (less the deposit) for 15%.

We are going to not be required to dispatch any tickets or prints relevant to the booking until an account has been paid in full. We reserve the right to cancel all or part of any party should payment not be available as per terms and conditions.

For events of 20 people or less, for bookings for events made after 1st October, and for some ticketed events (which We will confirm at the time of booking) full payment is required at the time of booking. In other cases, the balance of the payment due must be paid no later than 1st October unless otherwise stated on your booking form or undertaken in writing by Us. If payment of the final balance is not received by the due date Christmasbash.ie reserve the right to cancel the booking.

In the event of an extension on your final payment date, all payments received on your booking up to the original final payment date and new final payment date are non-refundable.



Any specific request regarding cancellation of a booking have to be communicated In Writing to Us by the party organizer. We cannot accept any cancellations on the telephone. Any cancellations have to be made by at least 1st October. No exclusions to this will apply unless stated on your booking form. For cancellations made prior to 1st October, We will retain the deposit but subject to an administration charge (often 3%) We will refund other payments which We have received. For any cancellations made after 1st October, We will not make any reimbursement. We will not be under any duty to make any refund for cancellations by parties of 20 people or less.

In the event of you cancelling for whatever reason a booked Event with Us, you must do so in writing 56 days or longer before the first event commences, in cancelling the booking within this time frame you will forfeit any deposit paid to us. Moreover, in the event of cancelling the whole reservation more than 56 days before the event date, any monies already paid by individual group members will also be non-refundable. In the event of cancellation 56 or fewer days before the tour / event the entire cost shall be payable. We will not be responsible for the cancellation of any event due to force majeure.

If we changes or cancels an event which has been booked, unless you choose an alternative/tour, any payments paid by you will be returned in full. In the event of an alternative event / tour being scheduled at a different price to that cancelled then an appropriate refund or further payment would be made as applicable. If we are not able to provide any event or service due to any reason beyond our control, a replacement will be found.



Should You apply for changes to all or an important part of the event, We can easily make an attempt to arrange the change if it is realistic and if time and also arrangements with third parties allows this. It is a condition of our agreeing to try to comply with any such request which you will pay Us all costs which We incur in complying with (or attempting to comply with) Your request. This includes reasonable administration costs which We shall agree with You before any adjustments are made.

While We will make all possible efforts to adhere to arrangements confirmed at the time of booking, We reserve the right at our only discretion to alter or change necessary arrangements should it be required to do so, and We shall not be liable to You for any changes, save for making a refund of any payments not expended.

We will not be liable to You for any changes to events which might be beyond our reasonable control.

In the event of you not wanting to partake in an activity for whatever reason you will not be eligible for a refund.


Third Parties.

In making arrangements on behalf of our clients, We enter into contracts with third parties for provision of all the necessary facilities including the provision of tickets for admission to the event/occasion. In doing so, We act as your agent strictly on the basis that:

(a)We will incur no legal responsibility whatsoever as a result of any such arrangement and

(b)Your agreement with Us is susceptible to the terms and conditions of contracts with third parties.

In the event that a third party fails for any reason to provide facilities or tickets that have been requested, or to honor a booking, We will have no liability to you. If you do not agree to the alternative, or if we are unable to arrange an alternative, We are only be liable to You for the return of monies paid by You in respect of the booking, but other-wise We shall have no liability to You.

In exceptional instances a third party may see fit to cease an activity at any time if they feel continuing an activity would cause injury or harm to its staff or to any other people at the site. An activity site or venue reserves the right to exclude persons considered to be medically unfit and persons considered being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In the cases outlined in this paragraph you will not be entitled to any refund whatsoever.



In the case of some venues a disclaimer may be required to be signed before the event takes place. Failure to sign the disclaimer to the satisfaction of the third party may result in the event being cancelled. We will have no liability to You whatsoever in this circumstance.


General Behavior

Despite having our suppliers being aware of the nature of Christmas parties, you are expected to value your environment and other people around you. All suppliers and also hotel have every right to cancel, without notice, your stay or activity under threat of vandalism, violence or any other behavior deemed inappropriate by them. In such cases all insurances would be invalidated and you will not have any entitlement to a refund of any kind in anyway. We accept no liability for all accident or misadventure that occurs while any of your group is under the influence of drinks or drugs.

We do not accept any responsibility in respect of any person prevented from getting into a function, or asked to leave due to their conduct.

Any theft, willful damage, or damage caused by inappropriate use of theming equipment supplied by Us will be at Your cost.

You must ensure that all persons attending the event under Your booking shall:

(a) Comply with all licensing, health and safety and other regulations relating to the Venue

(b) Not bring any dangerous or hazardous items into the Venue and to remove such items promptly when requested to do so by an authorized person.

(c) Not consume food or drink at the Venue not supplied by the official caterers without their prior consent.

(d) Not act in any improper or disorderly way, leave the Venue promptly at the appropriate time and comply with any reasonable request by the Venue’s employees.


Insurance and Participations

We recommends to all groups to take out the appropriate travel insurance which will cover them in the event of personal accident, medical expenses, emergency evacuation, loss of any monies and the participation in dangerous acts.

Nothing in this contract limits or excludes Our liability for death or personal injury.


Our Liability

Our total liability in contract, tort (including negligence or breach of statutory duty), misrepresentation, restitution or otherwise arising in connection with this contract, Your booking or the event, shall be limited to the total amount paid by You to Us.

All warranties, conditions and other terms implied by statute or common law are, to the fullest extent permitted by law, excluded from this contract.



In entering into a contract with Us this includes our provision of themed decoration You accept indemnify Us against the cost of repair / replacement in the event of any loss of, or damage to, any or our props, decorations or equipment sustained during the course of your event as a result of the conduct of your invited guests.

We will not charge for damage seen as reasonable wear and tear. We will seek to repair items to their pre-hire condition and will only charge for replacement unit where the cost of repair is likely to exceed the cost of replacement, or repair is not possible. These decisions remain at the sole discretion of Christmasbash.ie


Law & Jurisdiction

This agreement is governed by Law and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the court of Ireland.

If you make a booking with Christmasbash.ie it is understood you have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions.

Any person who arranges a booking with Us on behalf of other persons does so on the basis that they undertake to communicate these terms and conditions to all such other persons.

No variation of these terms and conditions shall be valid unless agreed In Writing by us.  No condition which you may seek to apply shall have any effect unless we expressly agree to it in writing.


Complaints Policy and Procedure

If at any time throughout your event, You feel unhappy with your arrangements, make sure to advise the concerned Event Supervisor or Duty Manager on site immediately, and also contact Christmasbash.ie to let us know of your complaint. If the situation is not able to be resolved at the time of the event and you are still unhappy you should contact Us.

If you do not report to the supplier of the service as well as Christmasbash.ie office as soon as possible, at least within 48 hours of the problem occurring, Christmasbash.ie will never be responsible for the complaint. Having acquired the complaint we will thoroughly investigate the problem to the best of our ability. If the problem has not been dealt with to your satisfaction before your return home, you then must make a complaint to Christmasbash.ie in writing no less than 28 days after your return from the tour/event.

Unless you comply with the complaints procedure, Christmasbash.ie will not be responsible for your complaint.


Please call Christmasbash.ie office on 044 936 2222 from Monday-Friday around 9:00AM – 6:30PM should you have any questions and clarification at all regarding these Terms and Condition.