Privacy Policy

I wonder why you sent me an email?
If you received an email from us, your email address has been listed with us who requested receipt of details in the future (“opt-in”).

I wonder why you sent me an email?
It is important that we gather all the necessary details from you in order for us to provide you the best services. We typically need your name, address and your bank account information. We may also ask for other personal data. In addition to this, our servers will automatically store data from all visitors who will visit our site.

Are there policies about usage and sharing?
We will never share or even sell any details or information to the public unless requested by law. The information you submitted to us are only available for management purpose and our customer service will be the only one who will get in touch with you regarding your subscription. Third party vendors, such as Google, utilize cookies to serve ads based on the numbers of visits to the site. You always have the option not to use the Google’s ads by visiting Alternatively you can opt out of cookies by visiting the

How do we use the cookies?

Our site utilizes cookies. This will help us make improvements to our site. With the help of these cookies, we will be able to see which site you visited and even remembered the preferences each time you wish to visit the same site again. We will never try to install tracking cookies.

Is it free?
YES, you will get our newsletter for free. There will be a time wherein you will receive offers and other promotional materials.

Are there any ways you can protect my privacy?
We assure that your privacy will be taken care of. We usually ask and apply these security measures that we even ask for your identity before we use any of your personal details and information. We take all the responsibilities in string and collecting your personal data.